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ArtCAM Premium allows to produce products with high quality and complex structure.

ArtCAM Premium has precise tools to create complex models together with precise tool paths. This allows to produce ready products with high quality and complex structure.

The software allows to import the bitmaps in the most common formats, such as: .jpg, .bmp, .tiff or .png. It also has intuitive functions for bitmap tracing, allowing the user to import 2D images and then automatically create needed vectors.

Vector tools in ArtCAM Standard allow to quickly and easily create projects built from vector graphics, using predefined shapes and hand-plotted curves. Vector edition includes such functions as for example: vector mirror, creation of splines, connecting vectors and creation of rotated and block copies. ArtCAM software features the vector doctor, who helps to find errors in the project. Created shapes can be later used for machining.

The software has special tools for making reliefs, such as: shape editor, stretching, rotation, etc. In this version of the program the user can also create three-dimensional shape from the picture. ArtCAM Standard also has large library of reliefs and import of 3D models. After importing, we can graduate and rotate objects, create mirror reflections and symmetric projects.

The software is equipped with the functions for 2D and 3D machining, which allow to quickly pass from the project to the ready product. Among the 2D trajectories, there are such options as, for example: profiling, engraving, texture trajectory or grooving. Among the 3D strategies a relief machining is available in different variants of a too work, e.g., a spiral or offset and 3D printing.

ArtCAM Standard allows to simulate the tool paths, facilitating the process of designing and machining. The software allows to view the element shape after machining. ArtCAM also allows to preview a ready element in a chosen material, thanks to the in-built “shading settings”. After obtaining required effects we can save them by means of the postprocessor, appropriate to the possessed machine. ArtCAM has a database of ready posts for over 300 different machines.

ArtCAM Premium software enables creation of complex projects. The program has a set of functions for simple manipulation of an assembly components.  After project preparation, the user can take advantage of a special wizard for multilateral machining.

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