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TECHNOLOGY TRAININGS – AMS International offers wide scope of trainings on software, as well as on operation and maintenance of CNC machines and controllers.

Duration of trainings is agreed individually and include theory and practice parts. Supervised by Training Team consisting of qualified engineers, participants in a training course will be professionally prepared for the operation and programming of CNC machines. Learning and acquiring knowledge is supported by using the up-to-date training methods, utilizing the multimedia novelties.

Training program covers:

  • selected problems of machine building and application of CNC machine tools,
  • principles of machining programs construction, using ISO codes,
  • operation and manual programming of CNC lathes,
  • programming of a CNC lathe, using the computer-aided system,
  • operation and manual programming of CNC milling machines,
  • using CAD systems for solid modelling,
  • programming of CNC milling machine, using the computer-aided system,
  • programming and operation of coordinate measuring machines.

The technology training assumptions include:

  • making acquainted with basic construction elements and principles of operation of CNC machine tools,
  • acquiring skills in operation of a numerically controlled machine,
  • mastering principles of programming of a CNC machine tool, using basic ISO codes, and basic ISO cycles,
  • making acquainted and mastering the principles concerning creation of programs, using the assisting tools available in internal
  • memory of a CNC machine tool,
  • mastering the principles concerning creation of programs, using the assisting tools: CAD/CAM programs,
  • mastering the principles of the machining programs transmission from the computer station to a CNC machine tool.

Technology training means mastering the basics of CNC machine tools operation and programming as well as becoming familiar with available control systems in order to be able to work independently.

The price includes: participation in a training course, teaching aids, coffee breaks + lunch and the certificate on completion of the training.

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