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Development of technologies – selection of palletization systems, selection of machining tools and preparation of NC program are the activities, which for our Engineering Team pose no difficulties – they perform such activities with pleasure. We assist companies in development of new technological solutions or in improving the existing ones.


Palletization systems

Palletization is a repeatable process of arranging elements of a pallet. This is also one of the most frequently automatized processes on the production line end. Contemporary manufacturers more and more often realize the benefits of automation. Those who decide to apply it, more and more often choose the robotic systems.

We offer complex implementation of standard palletizing systems, but we also deal with non-standard solutions – we design and produce special holders and know-how solutions.


NC programs

Creation of NC control programs in CAx systems consists in the direct usage of data from CAD application to be used in preparation of such a control program. Management of data from CAD system can take place directly a CAx application, or via the immediate program or module called the postprocessor.

We offer development of the NC machining programs for a particular machine tool, and then implementation of a prototype part and optimization of a machining time.


Selection of tools

The concept idea to select cutting tools considers the purpose it will be used to and type of material to be machined. Experience of our Team allows to select suitable tools, ensuring correct production of an object in the shortest possible time, and also suitable holders for the tools applied, to optimize machining processes.

Assistance in choosing cutting parameters allows to achieve cost-effective working conditions.

Development of technology is not all.
We invite you here↵ to make acquainted with our training courses offer and here↵ to make acquainted with preparation of postprocessors offer.