CAD/CAM/CAQ software for industry

Software for designing and production


Computer assistance of a designer and draftsman work


Software for modelling surfaces, solids and meshes. PowerShape is available in three versions: Standard, Premium and Ultimate.


Computer aided production for numerically controlled machines


FeatureCAM is software which using the feature-based technology, to reduce programming time and automated machining. FeatureCAM is available in three versions: Standard, Premium and Ultimate.


PowerMill bases on advanced machining strategies, thanks to which it allows to achieve the highest quality of a part in the shortest possible time. PowerMill is available in three versions: Standard, Premium and Ultimate.


Carveco™  is CAD/CAM software for designers and makers. It has an intuitive interface and easy-to-use tools to help hobbyists and entrepreneurs design, simulate and produce high quality, detailed, decorative reliefs.


Computer assisted quality control


PowerInspect is a solution for the quality control based on CAD models, working with many types of equipment. PowerInspect is available in three versions: Standard, Premium and Ultimate.


Proposed services


AMS offers comprehensive services in the field of implementing modern systems in the company. Its composition includes pre-sales analysis, postprocessors implementation and user training.

Software trainings

We offer one-day or several days  software training.

Software trainings

Implementation of software

We offer full implementation services, configuration and optimization of software.

Implementation of software


Postprocessors prepared by our team are created on the basis of the Customer’s individual requirements.


Development of technologies

Assistance in selection of tools, complex implementation of palletization systems and elaboration of NC machining program.

Development of technologies

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Autodesk company is a leader in 3D software to be applied in architecture, engineering and entertainment sectors.

Centrum Innowacyjnych Wdrożeń

CIW is the first organization supporting Polish Technical Universities in scope of education. It is located on the grounds of the University of Science and Technology in Bydgoszcz. The aim of the Centre is to provide practical education of qualified specialists for production establishments.