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Autodesk® PowerMill® software offers expert levels of NC programming for 3-axis, high-speed and multi-axis applications.

PowerMill bases on advanced machining strategies, thanks to which it allows to achieve the highest quality of a part in the shortest possible time. PowerMill is available in three versions. Standard, Premium and Ultimate.

PowerMill Standard is advanced tool supporting programming of 3-axis milling and 3+2 milling of complicated parts.

3+2 Milling

Indexed 5-axis machining, allowing to create 3+2 toolpaths

3 +2 milling in the PowerMill enables to turn a tool from vertical position to an angled position, which not only improves cutting conditions, but also allows to reach hardly-accessible areas of a workpiece. Intuitive user interface makes it easy to create paths, allowing the machine to work parts more aggressively, shorten a cycle time and improve the surface finish.

Milling with turning

Profile machining, grooving, boring and machining of face surfaces for 5-axis mill-turn machines.

Milling with turning on a PowerMill is the function that enables to perform turning operation for 5-axis mill-turn machines. It allows to automatically create rotary profiles from and imported CAD, in order to obtain the proper blank model. “Milling with turning” module allows profile machining, grooving, boring and machining of face surfaces.

Simulation and detection of collisions

Quick detection of potential errors.

Simulation and detection of collisions in PowerMILL are the functions which assist the user to quickly detect potential errors. Read-in 3D model of your machine into PowerMill and use it to carry out high-performance and multi-axis tool paths.

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PowerMill Premium is advanced tool supporting 5-axis milling and programming of industrial robots.

Advances detection of collisions

Dynamic control of the machine and verification of the project.

Advances detection of collisions in PowerMill enables simulation of NC code and tool paths on a virtual machine. Functions enabling advaned detection of collisions in PowerMill mean the wide range of functionalities intended to protect CNC machine tools.

Programming of industrial robots

Quick and precise programming of industrial robots.

Robot interface is a quick and precise programming of industrial robots. This module is integrated with the PowerMill and offers wide range of advantages to its users. Robot Interface is used among the others for: laser and plasma cutting, laser beam build-up welding or grinding.

5-axis milling

Wide range of machining strategies for efficient 5-axis programming.

5-axis milling in PowerMill offers wide scope of machining strategies for efficient 5-axis programming Combination of power, flexibility and operating comfort allows to use PowerMill in many different fields, e.g., finish cutting of composites or engraving of bottle moulds.

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PowerMill Ultimate is advanced tool assisting machining of electrodes, rotors and channels.

Port and manifold manufacture

Quick and effective programming of toolpaths for machining of port and manifold.

Port and manifold in the Power Mill is the ideal solution for machining of cylinder head and other tubular shapes. This allows for quick and effective programming of toolpaths. Even though the module is first of all intended for machining port and manifold of engines, it is also the ideal solution in the production of shields or other tubular shapes.

Blade, blisk and impeller milling

Simple way of producing complicated parts for industry.

Blades, blisk and impeller milling in the PowerMill enables to produce complicated operations in a simple way. Automated approach in the Power Mill allows for effective programming of machining of complicated parts with minimum effort of a worker. Intelligent avoidance of collisions ensures safe program operation.

Electrode machining

Function assisting efficient production of EDM electrodes.

Electrode Machining in PowerMill is the function assisting efficient production of EDM electrodes.  Irrespective of the material subjected to machining, PowerMill supports the user in the process of creation and production of electrodes in the shortest possible time.

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